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Thank you for checking out my newsletter! If you decide to stay, you will receive a letter from me each month, talking mostly about Japan and sharing some photos. The Letters From Japan, delivered on the first Sunday/Monday of the month, aims to provide seasonal travel news/updates from Japan (e.g., steep price increase for popular Japan Rail Pass, new long-distance hiking/walking trails, etc.) and introduce new destinations based on my recent travels with links to relevant articles published on my own website, Bizarre Journeys, or third party publications that I regularly write for.

Yakushima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, August 2020

Sunday posts

There are also occasional shorter form Sunday posts (once or twice a month) that I do not send to your inbox but only post here. Sunday posts at Substack are the posts that I would typically be sharing on Instagram. However, since Instagram became a short video platform, I have been using the app less and less.

During a travel writing assignment in Tohoku, Japan - charged with the difficult task of doing the whisky tasting while my assignment partner takes care of the main photography coverage. November 2022.

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This is the newsletter extension of my personal website, where I regularly post travel articles and photos since 2013.

Since I am based in Japan, my website regularly features travel destinations from Japan. But, as an avid hiker, I also often write about nature destinations from all over the world. I recently visited Australia, hiking the wonderful Great Ocean Walk trail. 


I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey - the love of my life and my biggest heartbreak (so I hope you do not mind the occasional political ramblings about the government).

I am always interested in talking about traveling. If you have any questions about your travels to Japan, please feel free to use the chat option in Substack or drop me an email.

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